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Where can I find out more about ADA Handles?

Visit the official ADA Handle website to mint and learn more about ADA Handles.

Why can't you check if my handle is reserved?

We do not have access to the database for reserved handles.

More Sales Data?

It's coming soon. Follow our twitter for updates.

What is the ADA Handle Policy ID?


How much is an ADA Handle to mint?

There are 5 tiers of rarity that define a Handle’s price. ADA Handle have also defined a fair value model called Stable Pricing.

Stable Pricing is an algorithm-based pricing model that protects users from market volatility and will dynamically adjust as the value of ADA moves either higher or lower.

Current Prices: Legendary (1 character): Auction Only Ultra Rare (2 characters): 995 ₳ Rare (3 characters): 445 ₳ Common (4–7): 95 ₳ Basic (8–15): 15 ₳

Data obtained from

What marketplaces do you search?

Currently,,, CardaHub and Please let us know if you want to see any other marketplaces integrated.

Where is your data from?

To check if a handle is minted or in a wallet, we check directly on the Cardano blockchain.To check if a handle is listed on a marketplace, we work directly with the marketplace and their teams to provide the data.

Do you filter bad words?

No, we list data directly from marketplace listings and sales.

Who created

We are a community created project developed by KingCrypto and not affiliated with ADAHandles.

How often do you update your data?

Our sales data every 5 minutes and our listings data every hour.

Can I donate?

Of course! If you want to see some of the exciting features on our roadmap you can help us scale and donate to: